A thriving Weeping Grevillea Royal Mantle

About Us

The idea of the Weeping Grevillea Nursery came about after Wayne had produced several specimens for the home garden and was encouraged by the positive results and feedback from visitors. Soon it was another case of a hobby gone mad. And the rest is history. Both Wayne and Vikki have had professional careers, and now all but retired. Vikki as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse in local government and Wayne with his own consulting company, Wayton Consulting  specialising in Human Resource Management, particularly in industrial relations and aspects of the Fair Work Act that impact employers

Wayne does all the propagation in the nursery including the 4 years of rootstock preparation before grafting can occur. He has completed studies at Burnley, adding some theory to his practical outlook. 

Vikki is responsible for the sales side of the business. 
Both Vikki and Wayne can be found at the nursery to attend to sales and enquiries from the public.

Or contact us anytime, see the Contact page

A year in the life..............

We reckon so many things happen in our garden that in our experience there is a fair bit of predictability and best times to do lots of things. So if you see your neighbours with successful gardens and your garden  don't do so well our tip is timing is everything.
We use key dates to trigger actions(Melbourne gardens); its much easier to remember. But don't take it too literally!

Grevillea garden

  • Collect Grevillea Robusta seeds on Australia Day
  • Start planting from March 15th the hot days are past. (Even if it is a hot day it's not a long hot day!) Bulk Plantings relying on rain only should be done now
  • March and September equinox (same length of day and night) replace the ties on the rootstock of your Weeping Grevillea.
  • August 15th is the week in which you will see the first grevilleas burst into bloom
  •  Grand Final day feed your grevilleas
  • May, June, July, August (the monthswithout "r") is also the period when not too much growth occurs. (The deciduous tree pruning and planting period.)
  • Apply mulch late November or early December, after a good rain
  • December is the time to spray for loopy caterpillars

Vegetable Garden

  • Grand Final day is when you plant the vegetables you eat the fruit of and Melbourne Cup day is when you plant the vegetables you eat the leaves and roots of. (If you mix these datesup your carrots and spinach will just go to seed!)
  • Plant onions on the shortest day and lift them on the longest day'
  • Labour day is the latest day to plant winter vegetables
  • Pumpkin seeds are planted on Grand Final Day, the seedlings planted out on Melbourne Cup day, the first harvest is Labour Day and the season is finished by Queens birthday
  • Citrus are best after the first frost usually by Queens birthday, they tend to drop a lot of fruit by Cup Day.  A big feed on Grand Final day and then a small feed on the first of November December February March and April (NB NOT January)
  • Christmas Day take daphne cuttings